• Step 1: Setup

    Hang a black curtain, dress or other fabric against the wall. Ensure lighting is strong with no dark shadow. If your child has longer hair, style it in a way that wish to be captured in the silhouette.

  • Step 2: Photo

    Have your child face to the right or left (we recommend right), and gaze forward with eyes and chin level (not tilted up or down). Make sure there are no shadows on their face and snap away.

  • Step 3: Upload

    After adding your favorite Te Amo piece to your shopping cart, head to the checkout. There you will upload your child’s photo. Within 3-4 business days, we will send you a black & white profile composite for your approval. Once approved, we’ll hand cut your custom heirloom and have it to you in 4-6 weeks.

To get started, shop from the collection and upload your photo during checkout.

For any questions regarding your order please contact us.