Inspired by the unique love between mother and child

Te Amo collection is a story of love, honoring the moment and holding it forever. We do it through hand-crafted bespoke jewelry, exquisitely made from the finest quality 18k gold. Keep your child close to your heart, as they are right now. Long after they’ve grown, these pieces will take you back to this precious moment and the way you love them today. Te Amo is a modern heirloom to pass down for generations. Wear one pendant or many together, of your child or any loved one. They are treasures years in the making, designed with love, for love.

Our Designer

Children's Charities

Te Amo supports mothers and children all over the world. A portion of every purchase you make will go directly to on-the-ground organizations helping mothers raise healthy happy children with access to education and possibilities. If you are interested in sharing your children’s organization with Te Amo, please email